About Spotlight Talent Hunt

The Opu-Alabo Foundation is registered for the sole purpose of providing support for the positive social and cultural evolution of the people of Rivers State . The Opu-Alabo Foundation is committed to strategic, purpose-driven and outcome-oriented solution and are interested in how we, as individuals and members of diverse cultural, religious, economic and political groups, can find commonality and further changes in: • Educational, developmental and health processes for infants, children, and youth, • Environmental conditions, • Human consciousness and social awareness. Spotlight Talent Hunt 2019 is yet another avenue Opu-Alabo Foundation would demonstratively give back to the community through it’s 2019 Spotlight Talent Hunt. Every child is born with special talent(s); some have musical talents, while others have movie talents, science and technology, Art and craft etc. 2019 Spotlight Talent Hunt is designed to expose these talents of the unknown youthful artists around rivers state. 2019 Spotlight Talent Hunt would expose the most musical talents before the watching eyes of the general public and television viewers. Realizing that we cannot and do not wish to work alone in this and prefer collaboration with a reputable institution such as yours. We hereby solicit for your support. 2019 Spotlight Talent Hunt would conduct an audition of 500 unknown musical aspirants on a demonstrated musical performance before a jury of qualified popular musicians . From the said 500 musical talents, 75 would be selected to proceed to the next level. During the next level, the jury would select 15 best talents. The final stage would pick the best musical talents whose own written songs would be produce and marketed.